Your Totaled Car and Car Taxes

What to do if you find yourself with a totaled car after an accident, a very often overlooked aspect of dealing with a car accident is the excise tax. You have just been through an often traumatic incident and may have suffered injuries. When you are dealing with trying to get the medical care you need and dealing with the insurance companies to get your money it is easy to forget about taxes and other fees that may be due on your car.

Keep in mind that your excise tax is due each year, if you have already paid it for the year and your car is totaled in an accident you may be entitled to a prorated refund. If you have not paid your taxes for the year you may be on the hook for hundreds of dollars. All you need to avoid this situation is a call to your town’s assessor’s office to let them know that the car was deemed a total loss from a car accident. Many times the only requirement is a letter from the insurance company explaining that the car has been totaled. This letter is sent to you after an inspection of the vehicle and a determination is made as to if the car can be repaired or not. The only legwork is a phone call to determine what is needed and that legwork is always worth keeping your hard earned money.